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Globalization, a hybrid workforce and increasing demand from risk and compliance changed the future of employment rapidly.

Our mission is to provide information and insights that make trust possible and ensure each employee is reliably represented by creating an actionable and robust picture of each employee.

Our vision is to create an actionable and robust picture of each employee.

PESCHECK is the all-in-one software designed to accelerate your onboarding process with digital, fast, automated background checks. Creating a user-friendly and secure candidate experience and saving time.

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  • Bram Mittendorff

  • Serhat Elban

  • Heinoud Kokkeler

    Senior Screener
  • Ilse Koene

    HR / Office Manager
  • Mosawer Ahad

  • Pim Meijerink

    Security Officer
  • bedrijfsjurist.online

    External Legal Counsel / DPO
  • Batuhan Başpinar

    Software Developer
  • Abraham Adibekjan

  • Tom van Andel

  • Maarten Sikkema

  • Jacob Issa

  • Douwe

  • Julia

  • Robin

  • Zeeshan

    Web Developer


PESCHECK is a licensed international background screening company. We help in creating trustable relations. Therefore we offer complete screenings for self-employed, candidates and personnel. With these screenings, you are assured of the truth.

We help organizations and individuals with several screenings. By collaborating with several partners we can check the data for validity. The results will be sent to the applicant. We don’t give any advice or opinions, just the results. In this way, we keep our independent position. Together with multiple global partners we can provide worldwide allowed checks. Thereby we have access to the secured worldwide database. With PESCHECK you know that the screening is meticulously executed by one of our screening experts. With more than 15 years of screening experience, we can assure you only the best service.

Furthermore, we support organizations during the whole screening process. In that way, you know exactly what to expect. To make the background screening easier or low barrier for everyone, it is our job to help organizations and individuals with simple and secure checks. Besides that, the norm of screening employers, before starting the job, is more and more implemented. This development shows the increasing demand for security. Our goal is to help companies around the world build reliable relationships, so they can do business based on trust

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Time is money. Let us take the burden of screening off your hands so you can focus on what’s important.

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