Adeline Stiny – “It feels like your input really contributes to the bigger picture!”

6 November 2020

“Staring at a screen all day is just not for me. I started working at a young age, delivering a newspaper like your average Dutch kiddo, then moved on to things like supermarkets and customer service, so the aspect of actually talking to people on a regular basis is super important to me. I’m also a very active member of my study association, which again goes to show how much I enjoy the social aspect of everything I do. Good communication is a skill, you know? And I try to use it and perfect it every day of my life – be that in person, via the phone, at work or with friends.”

“I was looking for a side job in Enschede that I could combine with my studies. One that was a bit more challenging than my previous jobs. When I came across PESCHECK online, I thought, “this is it”. Being able to combine my passions for the technical and the communication side of things definitely sounded like an interesting, challenging opportunity. After speaking to my current supervisor, and getting to know the office and the team, the position of Junior Screener was offered to me – and I didn’t hesitate for a second!”

“Honestly, it’s been great. There is no “fixed” protocol – you have space to make your own decisions and try your own methods. I’ve recently picked up screenings from one of our largest clients and started following communication training with the team. This element of challenge and responsibility is really awesome, giving me a lot of space to work on self-development, improvement, and learning from my mistakes. Everyone in the company has an extent of ownership of what they do, and it feels like your input really contributes to the bigger picture. Also, the team is super social. Everybody is so nice and willing to help if you don’t understand something. There is support from literally all sides of the company.”

“I plan on finishing my bachelor’s and following a master’s afterwards, but I’m still undecided on what to major in. For now, I’d like to become a full-fledged screener at PESCHECK, picking up on more types of screening requests and working with more clients. Broaden my portfolio a bit, you know? At some point, I’ll probably move to France and re-discover my roots a bit. Maybe get a cat. Or two. Look for a steady job at a big company. I just want to have the opportunity to develop myself, and have a lot of fun while doing it!”

Adeline (France/Netherlands)

Study: BSc Industrial Engineering & Management
Hobbies: Painting, Football, Drinking, Interior Design, Architecture
Favorite vacation spot: Rome, Italy – absolutely love the architecture!
Favourite food: Sushi, obviously
Biggest life-changing experience: Moving to Enschede
Biggest life lesson: Try to make the best out of every situation!


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