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Secure, Customized Background Checks via API

Gain access to background checks of your choice

Through our screening API, you can securely integrate with all our available checks. You have the flexibility to choose which checks you want to add to your HR, CRM, or Applicant Tracking System (ATS) system. Easily configure the checks and view their statuses and results within your trusted environment. The information will be delivered directly via webhooks. You can find more details and documentation about the PESCHECK API through the following links:

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Discover the possibilities of integrating with our screening API

At PESCHECK, we offer a powerful screening API that allows you to seamlessly and securely integrate with your existing systems. Take advantage of our extensive international data network for document verification and background information. Our data exchange is fully GDPR-compliant, confirmed by our ISO 27001 certification. Explore the possibilities of seamless integration and book a demo today.

Screening API: Connecting with International Data

Our work doesn’t stop at borders. On the contrary, we specialize in verifying foreign identification documents, resumes, diplomas, integrity statements, and permits. You don’t need to use other APIs for this. You connect with our API and choose the international checks that are relevant to your job vacancies.

GDPR-Compliant Data Exchange

At PESCHECK, we prioritize GDPR-compliant exchange of personal data. We are well-versed in privacy legislation and adhere to it diligently. We have fully adapted our processes to meet these requirements, resulting in our ISO 27001 certification.

Over 1.800 organisations have chosen for PESCHECK

Some of our HR connections

Our team of (API) experts is constantly working on developing new integrations. Below you’ll find a selection of the possibilities. If the system you are using is not listed (yet), no worries. Feel free to contact us, and we can explore the options together for creating a new integration.

Reliable Checks Seamlessly Integrated into Your Recruitment Software

API for recruitment screening software companies (ATS)

Expand your service easily with reliable checks by integrating our screening dashboard into your application. In addition to gaining a new functionality, this integration also provides you with an advantage in the form of a kickback fee or discount. We would be happy to provide you with more information about our API connection. Let’s schedule an appointment.

Here is a list of our (international) screenings:

We have in-depth knowledge of all these checks and would happily advise you on choosing the necessary checks for your organization. Contact us to discuss further.

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