Aron Aksan – “You can call me factotum”

17 April 2020

“As a student, it’s nice to earn some extra money. I just didn’t have a job until my neighbor told me about PESCHECK. I immediately became enthusiastic and started applying for a job right away. Like most of my colleagues, I ended up at PESCHECK via via. I like the idea that everyone knows each other through someone else. At PESCHECK I am mainly concerned with issues such as GDPR, compliance, and website modifications. I find this very interesting and like to immerse myself in it. So you could say that I am a man of everything, rather than just a Screener!”

“The freedom to take on other work than just the job description raised my enthusiasm. You are really listened to and there is plenty of room to develop yourself. In recent years I have been given more and more responsibility, of which I am very proud. However, my study is very different, namely Biology and Medical Laboratory Research. Whether I will be working in this sector in the future I don’t know yet. Maybe I’m going to combine it with my other interest: project management, we’ll see what the future brings”.

Aron (24)

Study: BSc Biology and Medical Laboratory Research
Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Swimming, Gaming
Favorite vacation spot: Italy for the culture, Croatia for the nature!
Favorite food: BBQ! Shashlik and Lamb Chops
Biggest life-changing experience: Being chairman of my study association!
Biggest life lesson: Be soft on the person, but hard on the matter!


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