Perfect Identity Verification with Advanced Tech.

Optimize identity verification with our efficient, AI-driven tool. Quick, accurate, and compliant, it ensures balanced keyphrase distribution for enhanced verification processes.

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International Background Checks

Over 1.800 organisations have chosen for PESCHECK

Over 1.000 organisations have chosen for PESCHECK

Meet requirements for employment

An identity verification service checker can be used to check that the identity document is not forged to ensure its authenticity, and moreover, it can immediately fulfil the requirements for a job.

Prevent fraud and other crimes

Identity verification services confirm the identity of individuals and help organisations prevent fraud and criminal activities. By verifying IDs, they improve security and compliance.

No more manual work

With automated online identity verification service checks, manual check work is a thing of the past. Quickly check the identity of your candidates with online ID checker of PESCHECK.

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Why conduct an identity check online?

when you are hiring many new employees, you’re likely aware of the manual effort you need to do to verify identities and passports. However, with our software, you can streamline this process, making it more efficient and accurate. As a result, our Identity Verification Service enables fast online checks, reducing the workload on your team and improves efficiency within your team.

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How do we conduct an ID check?

Our Identity verification check process is a quick and secure way to verify the accuracy of identity information provided by your applicants or employees. We use advanced ID verification technology to scan ID/passport and cross-reference it with national and international standards. We also require clients to take a video of themselves following specific instructions to confirm their identity. Our process is simple, convenient, and designed with privacy and security in mind. Results are delivered within minutes; all data is encrypted and stored securely.


Verify candidates in seconds, not days

By performing an ID check online with PESCHECK, we help your organisation to ensure that they are dealing with the right person and that their information is safe and secure. Our online identity check contains 196 different countries worldwide.

Automated ID Checks online

We offer a cost-effective solution: an automated ID Check service that is quick, simple and reliable. The processes are also GPDR proof and ISO27001 certified.

Save time

Automate this time-consuming process by outsourcing it and get the results within seconds (once uploaded). We take care of your ID verifications right away.

Screening and ID check specialists

We performed more than +300.000 screenings through our platform and with the support of our in-house professionals over the last few years.

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Finance Background Check


  • How to check an id status online?

    It is easy to check the status of your ID online. There are a few different ways to do this, but the most common is through our platform.

    You can quickly and easily conduct an ID check using the PESCHECK software. You can do this inside the PESCHECK Portal or inside the ATS system of one of our integration partners. Next, you’ll need to select one or more candidates for the screening. The candidates upload a photo of their own living arrangements or a photo of their purse bearing a sticker or admonition. We verify uploaded documents and checks them for accuracy and legibility.

    This is a quick and easy way to check the status of your ID without having to go through the hassle of going to a government office or waiting for a response from the postal service. So if you’re ever unsure about the status of your ID, be sure to check online by PESCHECK.

  • Why are ID checks useful?

    ID checks are useful for many reasons and is an essential part of any organisation’s risk management strategy. ID checks help organisations to prevent fraud and comply with anti-money laundering regulations. By verifying the identity of their customers, organisations can be sure that they are who they say they are and that their money is clean.

    ID checks can also be used to verify the authenticity of documents, such as passports and driving licences. This is important for organisations that need to comply with KYC (know your customer) requirements. ID checking is an essential part of any organisation’s risk management strategy.

  • How long does it take to get the results of an ID verification check?

    The ID check is realized within 24 hours.

  • Why are ID checks important?

    Identity checks are important because they can help prevent fraud or other malicious activity that may threaten your business. The more confidence you have in the people working for and with you, the better off things will be when problems arise.

  • When conducting an ID check, whiich documents are used?

    Requesting a check is easy. Candidates only must give their permission for employers to run a credit check, along with their full name, title, birth date, and current address.

  • Which technology do we use when conducting an ID check?

    We are using innovative software as an SKD (software development kit) from Regula Forensics for our ID verification process. We are being able to perform checks on border control level and speed in combination with accuracy. Used by organisations such as: Interpol, UBS, Gemalto, UK Home office, Vodafone, European Commission and many other global level organizations.

More background checks

PESCHECK offers international background checks for all industries, including IT and technology, healthcare, accounting, finance, construction, logistics, recruiting, governments, education and more. You can verify a candidate’s history, even if they’ve lived, worked, or studied abroad. Whether you want to screen your candidates for the validity of an ID, references, diplomas or integrity, everything is possible.

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