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Over 1.800 organisations have chosen for PESCHECK

Over 1.000 organisations have chosen for PESCHECK


Verify that your organisation is compliant with ethical standards


Ensure that an individual is trustworthy and reliable


To protect a company’s assets overall with honest and reliable employees.

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Why conduct an integrity check?

This type of check is an important tool for businesses, organisations, and individuals to use when making decisions about relationships and partnerships. An integrity check can help to verify the trustworthiness of an individual or organisation. It also can provide peace of mind in knowing that you are dealing with a reputable and upstanding person or business.

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How do we conduct an integrity check?

Questionnaire (international) that relates to someone’s integrity. The questions that are asked must be answered and signed by your candidate. Example questions are:

  1. Have you ever been suspended or fired from work or project (freelancer), or from an additional position, at one of your prior employers/projects, for (alleged) irregularities, or malpractice, or has your employment/project ever been dissolved by the court?
  2. Have you ever been convicted of any crime or offence? (traffic offences; traffic infringements need not be mentioned)
  3. Are you currently involved in criminal proceedings as a suspect for any crime or an economic offence?


Benefits of outsourcing integrity checks

Outsourcing integrity background checks to PESCHECK can be beneficial for your organisation. We have the resources and expertise to conduct thorough and accurate integrity checks. In addition, we can provide organisations with peace of mind, knowing that they are hiring individuals with strong integrity. We give you three more reasons to choose for PESCHECK:

Integrity background check

We offer a cost-effective solution: a digital integrity check service that is quick, simple and reliable.

Save time

Automate this time-consuming process by outsourcing it. We take care of the entire screening procedure as soon as we get the qualification information of the candidate.

Global background check specialists

We performed more than +300.000 screenings for +1.000 organisations using technology and in-house professionals over the last few years.

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  • Why are integrity checks important?

    An integrity check can assist in determining a person or organization’s reliability. By running this type of check on a regular basis, organisations can minimize the risk of errors and ensure that their employees are reliable.

  • How much time does it take to get the results of the integrity statement?

    Immediately (after completing and signing by and by the candidate)

  • What is the goal of an integrity check?

    The goal of the integrity check is to identify any red flags that may indicate that the individual is not suited or higher risk (indicator) for the position or context in which they are being considered.

  • What are sample questions that are asked during an integrity check?
    1. Have you, or any company you were involved in at a senior position at that time, ever declared bankruptcy?
    2. In addition to your work for your (future) employer/contractor or hirer, do you hold additional positions, such as voluntary work, board positions at foundations or associations, part-time work / employment with other clients / employers or otherwise?
    3. Do you receive financial compensation for performing any additional positions?
    4. In addition to the above questions, have there been any circumstances in the past that could call into question your reliability, expertise and integrity?
    5. Does your private financial liabilities and income and / or assets have an appropriate ratio to each other?
    6. Do you understand that, if the outcome of this integrity statement is negative in the opinion of the employer/contractor or hirer, this may have consequences for a possible future (employment) relationship with the employer/contractor or hirer?
  • How can an integrity check help prevent employee fraud?

    Integrity checks can help identify potential red flags in a candidate’s history or behaviour that may indicate a higher risk of fraudulent activity. By screening candidates thoroughly and asking targeted questions about their past experiences and behaviour, employers can make more informed hiring decisions and reduce the risk of fraud in the workplace.

  • What should employers do if an integrity check reveals concerning information?

    If an integrity check reveals concerning information about a candidate, employers should carefully evaluate the information and consider how it may impact the candidate’s ability to perform the job in question. Employers should also give the candidate an opportunity to provide context or explanations for any red flags that were raised during the screening process. Ultimately, the employer will need to weigh the risks and benefits of hiring the candidate and make a decision based on the available information.

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PESCHECK offers international background checks for all industries, including IT and technology, healthcare, accounting, finance, construction, logistics, recruiting, governments, education and more. You can verify a candidate’s history, even if they’ve lived, worked, or studied abroad. Whether you want to screen your candidates for the validity of an ID, references, diplomas or integrity, everything is possible.

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