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International Background Checks

Over 1.800 organisations have chosen for PESCHECK

Over 1.000 organisations have chosen for PESCHECK


They can help to verify an individual’s qualifications and skills. This is particularly important when an organisation is looking to fill a position that requires specific expertise.


They help to ensure that the person being screened is who they say they are.

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With online reference checks, organisations can quickly and easily get in touch with a candidate’s references and information about previous employment, like role and duration.

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Why conduct a reference check online?

While it can be time-consuming, it doesn’t have to be if you reference check candidates online via PESCHECK. We provide comprehensive reports that include information about the candidate’s work history, job performance, and other qualifications. Reference checks are a key part of any screening process, and there are several reasons why an organisation should conduct them.

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How do we conduct a work-/reference check?

When conducting a work/reference check, PESCHECK will obtain information from both professional and personal references. We may contact references by phone, email, or mail. The following questions are examples of what we may ask:

– How do you know the applicant?
– What was the role(s) of the candidate
– In which period was the position fulfilled?
– In what capacity did you work with the applicant?
– Would you recommend the applicant for the position?

We take reference checking very seriously and take care to treat all applicants fairly and equally. Our goal is to obtain accurate and complete information in order to make the best hiring decision possible.


Benefits of outsourcing reference checks

PESCHECK is a reference checking service that offers many benefits for businesses of all sizes. International organisations often use the reference checker service of PESCHECK, which allows them to conduct work and reference checks online, automated and fast. We help to ensure that new employees’ history is being examined at the highest standards and is qualified for the position they were hired for.

We also provide work and reference checks online after an employee has started their job. This helps to identify any areas where the employee may not be meeting expectations. We are an expert in checking work and references online and help to prevent problems down the road, such as fraudulent claims of experience or qualifications. We give you three more reasons to choose for PESCHECK:

Save time

Automate the time-consuming screening process by outsourcing it. PESCHECK takes care of the entire screening procedure as soon as the (possible employee) names a referee.

Get more accurate and up-to-date information

We are able to access databases that are not available to the general public, which means you can get more detailed and accurate information.

Reference check specialists

We performed more than +300.000 screenings using technology and in-house professionals for customers over the last few years.

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  • What is the meaning of a reference check?

    Work-/reference checks are an important part of the hiring process. They provide employers with valuable insights into a candidate’s skills, abilities, and work history and ethic. Work and reference checks generally involve contacting a candidate’s former employers, colleagues, or instructors to ask about their experience working with the candidate. Reference checks can be conducted by phone, email, or in person. In our case it’s automated through WebApp and email.

  • How long do reference checks take?

    Work and reference checks are an important part of the hiring process, but they can also be time-consuming. So how long do reference checks take?

    Ideally, a reference check should be finished within a few workdays. However, this can vary depending on the number of references we need to check and how quickly they respond. If we only have to check one or two references, we may be able to get the information we need in a few days. However, if you’re checking multiple references or a longer history of previous work, it may take longer to collect all of the information.

  • Why is a reference check important?

    A reference check is an important part of the hiring process. It helps employers to verify a candidate’s history of work (true/false/unknown) and to get a sense of their work ethic and professional skills. It also provides an opportunity for employers to learn about a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. This all, can help to identify any red flags that may be present in a candidate’s work history.

  • What do employers check while checking references?

    When employers check the work history or references, they are looking for information about your job performance, skills and the previous roles during a certain period. Others prefer to see only recommendations from former co-workers or managers, while some employers only request references from previous employers. Those who have collaborated with the candidate professionally are the most typical references.

  • What are work history check questions?

    – What was the role(s) of the candidate
    – In which period was the position fulfilled?
    – In what capacity did you work with the applicant?

  • Why do employers check references after sending a job offer?

    It’s not uncommon for employers to reference check after a job offer has been accepted. In fact, it’s become standard practice in many industries. Calling references before making an offer can be a waste of time. If they don’t make an offer, it’s a waste of their time and the time of the references.

    Second, most mentions result in a layup. They are actually prepared to confirm their choice not to do so. Additionally, you generally won’t receive employment offers if you can’t name 2-3 former coworkers who can positively describe you.

More background checks

PESCHECK offers international background checks for all industries, including IT and technology, healthcare, accounting, finance, construction, logistics, recruiting, governments, education and more. You can verify a candidate’s history, even if they’ve lived, worked, or studied abroad. Whether you want to screen your candidates for the validity of an ID, references, diplomas or integrity, everything is possible.

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