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'With the previous supplier, we often felt less important on these kinds of issues. With Pescheck, we feel we always come first."

“‘Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.’ For TalentExcellence, this means that they don’t want to be just a number. Personal contact and short lines of communication are central to this software company, which always puts customers first. When the company was looking for a new partner for employee screening, they chose Pescheck due to its personalized approach. ‘Although we do feel like a number here, fortunately, it’s a number one,’ Dagmar (office manager) and Petra (contract manager) start the conversation.

From old to new

The morning we speak to the ladies, they are remarkably cheerful. They enjoy their work, and it shows. Petra says with a smile, ‘To keep it that way, we work with great partners like Pescheck.’ When we ask Petra and Dagmar about the reason for choosing Pescheck, we learn that screening is a top priority for this company due to the nature of their services.

Dagmar: ‘TalentExcellence is one of the leading providers of talent management software in the Netherlands. Since we process personal data of employees for supporting the interview cycle and feedback, we guarantee our customers that only reliable employees have access to their data.’ Petra continues, ‘Our clients know that we only hire extensively screened employees. Only after that, they come into contact with privacy-sensitive customer data.’

When the previous screening provider discontinued their services, the ladies had to find a new supplier. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Dagmar says, ‘Such a selection process is always time-consuming and requires energy. Fortunately, we quickly came across Pescheck, which immediately brought us many benefits. Now, the screening is always completed within five working days, whereas it used to take much longer.’

Red flags

Pescheck performs various checks on behalf of TalentExcellence, such as reference and diploma checks. Former employers are verified for the past five years. At any time, Dagmar can log in to Pescheck’s platform to check the status of a screening. Here, she can see if everything is green or if a component is still in progress, for example, because something needs to be provided by the candidate. Once a screening is completed, Dagmar receives a report. One significant advantage for the ladies is that the screening process always runs smoothly, and there is easy and thoughtful communication with both new employees and Pescheck.

Dagmar: ‘Sometimes, certain parts are not approved by Pescheck. We immediately see the explanation for that. It may be the case that a former employer no longer exists. Then it’s up to our management to decide if a deviation in the screening result is a showstopper or if it can be explained. If we have doubts, we can always contact Pescheck to discuss it with a specialist.’ Petra continues, ‘With the previous provider, we often felt less important in such matters. With Pescheck, we always feel like a top priority.’

Petra: ‘Pescheck provides us with the confirmation that the candidate is reliable and that they are who they claim to be. The speed of screening is crucial here. Employees are only allowed to work for clients after they have completed the check. We must avoid dismissing someone during the probation period because the screening has not been completed, especially in the current job market.’

After screening, almost all lights are green, and the employee is hired after the probation period. However, there have been some less pleasant cases. For example, a candidate was not hired due to significant issues that arose. Dagmar says, ‘It is always disappointing, but it gave us the opportunity to part ways in a timely manner.’


Of course, there were also counterarguments

not to choose Pescheck. Two, to be exact. The first one was the fact that Pescheck is a ‘small’ company. Dagmar says, ‘The team compensated for this immediately with their speed and ambition. The nice thing is that we are also allowed to contribute our ideas. For example, we don’t find the report visually appealing yet, but I’m sure they will work on it according to our wishes. Pescheck has repeatedly shown that they take our needs seriously.’

The other argument was the fact that Pescheck was not ISO certified, while TalentExcellence is. Petra says, ‘Pescheck mentioned that they were working on obtaining the ISO certification. This led us to decide to work with Pescheck for the time being and evaluate after six months. After these six months, we were satisfied with the service, and the ISO certification was obtained. We officially started using Pescheck.’

Problems to solve

The training went smoothly, and the support desk is easy to reach. We’re curious, have there been any less pleasant experiences? Dagmar says, ‘Of course, there are occasional technical issues. For example, some time ago, I couldn’t download a report. They proposed a temporary work-around, and the problem was quickly resolved. In short, if there is a question or problem, everything is done to ensure that we can continue working.’ Petra concludes, ‘The best result is that with Pescheck’s professional screenings, we meet our internal requirements and fulfill our promises to our clients.’

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