Daniel de Jong – “With an international team, we inspire each other.”

30 April 2020

“I don’t like sitting still, I like to move. That’s why working as a volunteer is really for me. That’s how I started working as a volunteer at the HUB. Here starting entrepreneurs can rent office space. Because PESCHECK had an office in the collection building of the HUB and there was a good click, I was approached by Serhat. In this way, I started working as a Screener at PESCHECK in addition to my volunteer work. I take my work very seriously and I like the fact that PESCHECK has an international team with different cultures. This way we inspire each other with different perspectives. This makes for interesting discussions and keeps us on each other’s toes.”

“It is my job as a Screener to guarantee integrity. An important aspect within companies. Dealing with people and guarding integrity have a lot in common with my education, Human Resource Management. In five years’ time, I hope to be able to advise companies in the field of HRM. It would therefore be nice if I can contribute something as an HRM’er at PESCHECK in the coming period. Until then, I can continue to challenge myself in the role of Screener. ”

Daniel (Netherlands)

Study: BSc International Human Resource Management
Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Jogging at the athletics club, Reading, Movies
Favorite vacation spot: Berlin, there is so much culture!
Favorite food: Lasagna Florentine
Biggest life-changing experience: Following an Honors program on Liberal Arts & Sciences
Biggest life lesson: Be righteous, courageous, careful


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