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  • What is the status of my screening?

    Would you like to know the status of your screening? Please contact us.

  • My background report is complete. What happens next?

    The company that ordered your background check has access to view the results of screenings. If you did not receive the report, please contact us.

  • How long does a screening take?

    That depends on the complexity of the research. Most screenings are automated and provide quick results (<2 hours). But it may also be that the investigation requires us to contact former employers by telephone. Then the investigation will take a little longer. On average, screenings take 2 business days if not automated.

  • Can I see the final report?

    Of course! As soon as we have processed all the results, you will receive the final report. Your (future) employer will receive exactly the same report. It contains no judgments, only facts. It is up to the employer to interpret the results. In case you did not receive the report, please contact us.

  • Are organisations allowed to screen?

    Yes. This form of control is mandatory for some job levels and sectors. Consider, for example, the healthcare and financial sector. However, many organisations also have screenings performed if this is not mandatory. They do this to prevent risks, such as image or financial damage.

  • What happens with my data?

    We consider privacy very important. That is why we process your data at the same level of security as leading banks and government institutions. And we ask you to only share data that is necessary for your position. This data is kept as short as possible until the purpose of the screening has been achieved. Our processes and platform are BSI ISO27001 certified for data & privacy.  Furthermore PESCHECK has a license from the Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands to perform background checks under POB number #1551 (see document – lijst vergunninghouders).

  • How do you deal with data security?

    We are an official background screening organization licensed by the Ministry of Justice and Security, with POB : 1551. We treat your data in accordance with the latest GDPR regulations – see our privacy policy here. Data is also calculated and processed through high-security third parties, such as Cloudflare, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Mitek.

    In addition, PESCHECK© obtained the ISO 27001 certificate. With this we meet the highest global standard of cyber and information security.

  • I want to use my right to object, what should I do?

    You always have the right to have your personal data removed and/or anonymized. This is called the right to object. We will then ensure that your data is deleted or can no longer be traced back to you. The right to object in special personal circumstances is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Fill in the contact form to submit the right of objection.

  • I want to submit a complaint, how can I do it?

    Complaints about the work performed by PESCHECK must be reported to PESCHECK within 14 days of completion of the relevant work. You can submit your complaint via the contact form.

  • Geeft een screening mij ook iets?

    Absoluut! Een screening is niet alleen waardevol voor je werkgever, maar ook voor jou. Het laat zien dat je eerlijk, transparant en gekwalificeerd bent. Je hebt die toegevoegde waarde mooi op papier staan. Dit biedt interessant gespreksmateriaal voor sollicitaties en functioneringsgesprekken.

  • Kan ik zelf een screening voor mezelf aanvragen?

    Natuurlijk! Wil je aan klanten of je (toekomstige) werkgever laten zien dat je gekwalificeerd en eerlijk bent? Vraag hier je screening aan en bekijk hieronder een overzicht van het proces.

  • Wie heeft er toegang tot mijn screeningresultaten?

    Alleen geautoriseerd personeel binnen onze organisatie en de organisatie die de screening aanvraagt, hebben toegang tot je screeningresultaten. We hanteren strikte vertrouwelijkheids- en privacyprotocollen om de veiligheid en beveiliging van je gegevens te waarborgen.

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