Embracing Team Spirit at PESCHECK

Discover How Foad Heidari Thrives in a Collaborative Environment to Drive Innovation and Success

Foad Heidari – “The team is very open and helpful towards each other!”

18 September 2020

“I used to work with a bit of everything – giving guitar lessons, being a lifeguard, and several other hobbies. When I started programming, I realized I really enjoyed it. Every day I would think about programming, day and night. It never felt like a job, but more like a fun hobby! For years I mastered my coding skills and practiced how to create websites at home, just for the fun of it. At a certain point, I felt I was ready to jump on something more challenging, and that’s when I came across PESCHECK.”

“After my first meeting with the company’s former CTO, I was given a coding task and a period of seven days to finish it – but it took me three hours. After receiving a few more tasks, and being able to carry them out rather quickly, PESCHECK took me in. When I first started, I thought it would be super difficult. I thought that maybe I wasn’t ready for it. But after being welcomed to the company with open arms, I felt very motivated. The team made it easy, enjoyable, and quick for me to fit in. I’m very grateful for that!”

“Every day, my routine starts with a cup of coffee, opening my laptop, and checking in with the IT team via GitLab or Slack. On Monday we discuss the focus for the week, and on Friday we pick up on how much we managed to progress. It’s always a challenge because every day we have tasks that are new to us. Tasks that we didn’t have before. We are always learning something new and that keeps the job exciting! The focus right now is on optimizing our Dashboard – improving the workflow and making it as user-friendly as possible. Anything that needs to be done is discussed with us as a unit. The communication is great and the team is very open and helpful towards each other.”

“What’s going to happen in the future? That’s a tough question! I love mobile app development and network security. My dream is to work at one of the biggest tech companies in the world, so I’m currently brainstorming about which coding language to master for the future. I’m also thinking of developing a communication app like WhatsApp or Slack, so that’s also on my plate for the near future. But first, I want to help PESCHECK grow with a mobile app and the new Dashboard, and I want to stay here to learn as much as possible. I feel like I’m at the right place!”

Foad (Iran)

Study: Accountancy, Programming
Hobbies: Watching Real Madrid, Gaming, Swimming, Playing the Guitar, Programming
Favourite vacation spot: Would love to go to Canada – beautiful nature and good work opportunities!
Favourite food: Gurme Sazbi – a typical Iranian dish!
Biggest life-changing experience: Moving to The Netherlands changed my life completely!
Biggest life lesson: Nothing is impossible if you believe in it!


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