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Finding fulfillment in collaboration and the fast-paced environment at PESCHECK.

Heinoud Kokkeler – ”The feeling of really being part of the team”

10 April 2020

“Just at the right time, Serhat approached me. I was ready for a new challenge and I could get that at PESCHECK. Working at a startup is an experience in itself. I have already had the opportunity to experience that. You don’t stand still for a moment, from one development to the next. I find the feeling of really being part of the team so special. Whether you do executive or managerial work, everyone has a say. That makes the team feeling even stronger. After all, I’m a real team player!”

“Besides handling screenings in my role as Senior Screener, I also deal with business contacts. This gives me insight into the needs of our clients. I can then translate this to, for example, the ICT department. Super interesting! The short lines of communication within the company are very nice, which makes communication easy. On the other hand, we work with many different types of requests and systems, so I sometimes find it difficult to set my priorities. A great learning goal for the future. Because Italy is my passion, you might one day see me working in a PESCHECK branch in Italy, knows”.

Heinoud (Netherlands)

Study: BSc Tourism & Leisure
Hobbies: Music, photography, cycling
Favorite vacation spot: Italy, for its beautiful scenery!
Favorite food: Brussels sprouts with beef stew, Italian Iced Coffee
Biggest life-changing experience: Work experience in Switzerland, managing people in stressful situations
Biggest life lesson: Live and let live!


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