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Use our technology to enhance your hiring process. Our accurate and efficient Online background checks speed up your selection process, helping you recruit reliable employees and foster a secure working environment for Dutch companies.

From verifying employee qualifications to conducting thorough background checks, Pescheck provides the necessary tools to maintain high business standards. Protect your reputation and achieve greater peace of mind with our complete digital screening Services.

Most Common Pre-Employment Screening Checks in the Netherlands

Criminal Record Check

A criminal record check discloses an individual’s past conduct and any criminal history, ensuring suitability for Employment.

Reference Check

Employment verification checks confirm a candidate’s work history, performance, and qualifications.

“‘With the previous supplier, we often felt less important on these kinds of issues. With Pescheck, we feel we always come first.””

Dagmar, Talent Excellence

Case study: Talent Excellence

Case study: Talent Excellence

How Pescheck’s software can simplify your onboarding and Pre-Employment Screening


Create tailored packages

Pescheck offers personalized Screening packages for Pre-Employment Screening, enabling you to conduct comprehensive background checks based on your unique needs

Real-time updates

Stay updated with Pescheck’s real-time status updates, offering direct insights into your Pre-Employment Screening process.

ISO27001 & GDPR certified

Highest security standards. Our dashboard adheres to the strictest International standards, including ISO27001 & GDPR.

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Trust Pescheck’s leading Background Check Software for comprehensive and precise selection of potential hires.

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Reduce the risk of costly hiring errors, safeguard your brand’s image, and protect your company from potential issues. Avoid costly hiring mistakes with our Pre-Employment verification software.

Save Time

Expedite your hiring with automated Employment checks, delivering crucial candidate data straight to HR.

Protect Your Brand

Defend your organization and maintain your brand reputation with Pescheck’s Background Check Software tailored for companies in the Netherlands.

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Screen your staff in the financial sector and comply with international regulations.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to comply international regulations. In addition to ID verification, clients must also be checked for sanctions and PEP status. This should be easier, we think. That is why we developed a customer due diligence that, just like Commerzbank, Geldmaat and Lendex, lets you know within 20 minutes who you are doing business with.

With screening, government bodies ensure themselves of reliable and trustworthy personnel

When it comes to compliance, every level of an organisation must meet certain standards. This is why employees in government-related jobs are screened regularly by their employer--to make sure they're qualified and safe enough for the job at hand; if not then there could be risks taken on behalf of other people which would lead to accidents or abusive situations.

Ensure a safe working environment and screen your healthcare staff

The care and welfare sector is one of the largest employers. And one with the most challenges. For years, it has been struggling with severe personnel shortages. While the demand for trained healthcare personnel is only increasing. As an HR employee or manager, recruiting trained staff is therefore one of your most important tasks. But not always the most enjoyable.

Prevent internal crime among logistics and transport workers

The logistics sector is vulnerable, partly due to the frequently high-value goods that are transported. Every year, around 350 million euros are lost due to theft. In about 80 percent of the cases, several employees are involved. For employers, it is therefore of great importance that they know exactly who is on their payroll. Prevent unqualified personnel through background screening.

Screening of tech personnel

In the IT sector and in the security sector, people work with data every day. From their own organisation, but also from customers or citizens. To guarantee the safety of this information, it is important to screen both existing and new staff. Be sure that your colleagues will handle business critical and privacy sensitive information with reliability and integrity.

Recruiters! Seed up the recruitment process with automated background checks

You are represented by your candidates. That is why you want to be sure that they are the right person for the job. A good job interview or a personality test already says a lot about a candidate. But you will only really know whether someone is suitable for a job if you have verified his or her identity, integrity, references, qualifications, diplomas and checked their criminal record.


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