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Most Common Personal Background Checks

Criminal Record Check

A Criminal Record Check reveals your past behaviours and criminal history, ensuring suitability for specific tasks and jobs

Reference Check

A Reference Check authenticates your work history, performance, and qualifications. Displaying your experience for diverse roles.

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Pescheck allows for custom background check packages, real-time updates, and guarantees privacy with ISO27001 and GDPR certification.

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With Pescheck, you can select your own package for a comprehensive background check on yourself based on your screening needs.

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Experience lightning-fast Background Checks & safe valuable time- Pescheck delivers in minutes, not days!

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Your privacy is our highest priority. We ensure our platform complies with international standards, including ISO27001 & GDPR.

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Criminal Record / VOG

ID Check + Liveness

Integrity Statement

Global Watchlist – Sanctions & PEP

Highest Education

Work-/reference 5 years

Internet Search / Adverse Media

Credit check

Audit Trail Report

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