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18 March 2021

Integrity is the basis for a good working relationship

In some situations, screening a (potential) employee is a necessity, rather than a choice. Think about the responsibilities and tasks a certain function entails. Or its access to critical business information or high-risk scenarios. By conducting an objective, transparent screening, you ensure the quality of all your business relations and show that your organization stands for trust and safety.


Not only because of laws and regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5) but because we are dealing with your business and employee relations. We take both you and your employee/business partner into account during the process, and provide you with the exact same report, at the exact same time. Both parties are then aware of the outcome and can discuss it together.


Screening is a reliable method to assess whether your (potential) employees have the integrity and qualifications necessary for a certain function. The checks to be conducted are determined based on the function to be fulfilled by the (new) employee. The process takes place after authorization from the employee or applicant. Examples of checks conducted often are qualification checks, ID-check, reference-check, and integrity checks.


Pre-employment background checks

With pre-employment screening, you assess whether your future employee meets the necessary qualifications for his/her new function. We do this via means of checks that are necessary for certain functions, from automated ID checks to phone contact with past employers.

Global background checks

This is the term used to refer to a screening of current employees. This is a one-time or routine check that ensures integrity and quality within your organization. This screening is conducted in situations such as internal job changes, organizational changes or increasing laws and regulations.

Non-recruitment screening – off-duty screening

Sometimes not only employers want to process screenings. Landlords, TV shows organizers or other service providers want to make sure that the person is right in a specific situation. Non-recruitment screening is the screening of off-duty individuals (for example, tenants or participants of a TV show). Examples of checks conducted often are ID-check, adverse media checks, and criminal-check.

Screening of the business relationships – KYC/CDD

Know Your Customer is the practice carried out by companies to verify the identity of their (business) clients in compliance with legal requirements and current laws and regulations.

Customer due diligence is the process used by institutions to collect and evaluate relevant information about a customer or potential customer. It aims to uncover any potential risk to the institution of doing business with a specific organization or individual by analyzing information from a variety of sources.

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PESCHECK® is registered with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. This way we can offer an honest, safe and trusted service.


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