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Adverse Media Check

Searches for negative news or information about individuals or organizations, also known as adverse media screening or Google Search screening.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Register Check

Provides financial insights about a person or company, distinguishing between bankruptcy and insolvency.

Credit Check

Enables employers to screen applicants and assess their financial stability through employment credit checks.

International Criminal Record Check

Indicates if past behavior of a person is a barrier for specific roles, revealing criminal or policy history.

ID Check

Verifies identity document authenticity and ownership, using AI to check over 31,000 international documents.

Integrity Check

Determines the integrity of individuals or organizations, assessing potential dishonesty or business risks.

PEPs and Sanctions Check

Screens for Political Exposed Persons and sanctions, preventing business with politically prominent individuals.

Diploma Check

Confirms candidate qualifications, diplomas, or certificates as stated on CVs or required for background checks.

Reference Check

Contacts work or references to verify a person’s work history, performance, and other professional qualifications.

Dutch Criminal Record (VOG)

A declaration of conduct (VOG) showing that past behavior is not a hindrance in professional roles, often necessary for employment.

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