Oksana Sivchenko: A Visionary on the Move

From Moscow to the Netherlands: How Oksana Sivchenko’s Ambition and Innovation Drive Her Role as Business Development Manager at PESCHECK

Oksana Sivchenko – “In 3 years, you’ll see me in a Tesla.”

6 April 2020

”Almost four years ago I came from Moscow to the Netherlands to study International Business. After my studies, I gained a lot of work experience and joined PESCHECK in the summer of 2019. Here I was welcomed with open arms. What I like the most about my role as Business Development Manager is the freedom. I propose all the ideas I have and in 9 out of 10 cases I’m allowed to carry them out!”

“I always try to get the most out of a day. Not enough enthusiasm. Partly due to the rapid developments within the company, I only sometimes forget to enjoy myself. Just thinking about the moments we can be proud of, is what I would like to learn. I don’t yet know exactly what the future will bring me. Except that within 3 years you will see me driving a Tesla. That’s one thing that’s for sure.”

Oksana (Russia)

Study: BSc International Marketing; BSc International Business Management
Hobbies: Fashion, Arts & Crafts, Reading
Favorite vacation spot: Kyiv, Ukraine
Favorite food: Shashlik and watermelon
Biggest life-changing experience: Pursuing higher education
Biggest life lesson: Manage your expectations


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