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Boost your screening with PESCHECK®: Real-time insights, compliance, and top candidate experience.

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Real-Time Background Check Insights

Access comprehensive background check summaries in real-time, equipping you with the information you need to make informed hiring decisions confidently and easily.

Seamless Candidate Journey

Our intuitive interface simplifies compliance, guiding candidates and employers through the background check process for a smooth & positive experience.

“With the previous supplier, we often felt less important on these kinds of issues. With Pescheck, we feel we always come first.”

Dagmar, Talent excelence


Detailed Actionable Reports

PESCHECK delivers in-depth reports to provide you with essential insights during the onboarding process. Trust us to enhance your compliance efforts and reporting needs.

Branded Candidate Experience

A candidate’s journey that reflects your brand-style. Customize the Wizard color’s yourself, creating confidence and transparency from start to finish for every candidate.

Empower Decisions with Trust

Cultivate a Trustworthy Workplace

Background checks

Navigate hiring challenges with PESCHECK. Our modern technology and expertise streamline the process, ensuring compliance and efficiency. With over 300,000 screenings, we provide a seamless experience for employers and candidates alike.

International backgroundchecks

Trust PESCHECK like 1000+ international firms do. Our software integrates globally, enabling you to verify candidate identities and histories worldwide in less than four hours, ensuring ease of global compliance and efficient background checks.


Modern technology for fast and precise checks

Start screening in 60 seconds whenever it suits you, 24/7.
We performed +300.000 screenings using modern technology and in-house professionals.
Average time of <4 hours to finish submitted background checks

All-in-one dashboard

Dive into the world of PESCHECK and explore our features and benefits during a free demo. Our team is ready to guide you every step of the way!

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Governance & Security


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