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Improve your screening with PESCHECK®. Get real-time insights, ensure compliance, and create a customised candidate experience. Try our software with a free demo.

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Get Real-Time Background Check Insights

Receive comprehensive background check summaries instantly. Our platform empowers you with the information you need to confidently and efficiently make informed hiring decisions.

Smoothen the Candidate Journey

Our user-friendly interface streamlines the compliance process, guiding both candidates and employers seamlessly through the background check steps for a positive experience.

All-in-one dashboard

Dive into the world of PESCHECK and explore our features and benefits during a free demo. Our team is ready to guide you every step of the way!

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“With the previous supplier, we often felt less important on these kinds of issues. With Pescheck, we feel we always come first.”

Dagmar, Talent Excelence



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Lightning-Fast Background Checks - Delivered in Minutes, Not Days!

Reduce Risks

Minimize the risk of costly hiring mistakes, safeguard your brand’s image, and protect your company from potential liabilities.

Save Time

Accelerate your hiring process with our automated checks, providing essential candidate data directly to your HR team.

Protect Your Brand

Shield your organization and uphold your brand reputation with Pescheck’s Background Check Software, specifically designed for International companies.

Ensure Quality

Trust in Pescheck’s advanced Background Check Software for a comprehensive and accurate selection of potential International hires.

Gain Insights with Our Detailed Actionable Reports

Pescheck delivers comprehensive reports to enhance your compliance efforts and meet your reporting needs during the onboarding process.

Enhance Your Brand with Our Branded Candidate Experience

Create a unique candidate journey that reflects your brand style. Customize the Wizard colors to foster confidence and transparency from start to finish for every candidate.

Governance & Security

Peace of Mind Starts Here!

Contact us now for comprehensive background checks and secure your business with confidence.

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