Embracing Happiness in Your Career

Unveiling the Secrets to a Fulfilling Professional Life with Salih Oztoprak

Salih Oztoprak – “Do what makes you happy”

8 September 2021

Before I was hired at PESCHECK, I was a student at Saxion and followed the HBO-ICT course with a software engineering major. Before completing my education, I was allowed to graduate from PESCHECK. During the graduation period, both sides were happy with the work I have done. I am therefore very happy that PESCHECK was willing to offer me a full-time contract! In addition, PESCHECK has offered to support me in further training in the field of UI/UX design. This is also where my interest lies. What really appealed to me was the open atmosphere within the company. I was welcomed with open arms, and the company gave me the opportunity to follow my passion within the industry.

As an intern, I was involved in everything. My colleagues did not see me as an intern but as a full-fledged colleague. There have been days when I was able to give my expert opinion and colleagues took this seriously so that my expertise was ultimately used. As mentioned, there is an open atmosphere. Everyone is given the opportunity to develop further within the company. This can be a professional, but also personal development. Colleagues are there for everyone if someone needs help, so you are never alone.

My working day starts every morning with a stand-up with the IT team. In this, we discuss the tasks that we have done, what still needs to be done and whether there are any difficulties that may require assistance. After the morning meeting, I process my emails and start my tasks. I mainly work on making mock-ups. Those are the designs I make for one of the products of PESCHECK, the Dashboard. I also spend a lot of time researching end users. By this, I mean the customers who use the Dashboard. Once I’ve finalized a design, and it’s approved, I update it to our common to-do list. Another colleague takes up this task further and implements my design within the Dashboard.

What I am also very busy with is making our Dashboard accessible to mobile users. I want to help PESCHECK to realize this and to keep up with today’s society in which owning a computer is no longer a matter of course, but a mobile phone is. In addition to this, I am also working on making the Dashboard accessible to people with disabilities, such as someone who is visually impaired.

I want to keep growing in the direction of UI/UX, but also in the direction of project management. That space is currently available, and I am allowed to take on these tasks to experience how this works in practice. I am in the right place and want to continue to develop so that I can continue to make designs so that customers can use the Dashboard more and more easily.

Salih (The Netherlands)

Study: HBO-ICT SE (completed), UI/UX design (in progress)
Hobbies: Sports, traveling and spending time with friends and family
Favourite holiday destination: Okinawa & Osaka, Japan
Favourite dish: Takoyaki (a kind of fish bitterball)
Life-changing experience: friends and family
Biggest Life Lesson: Do what makes you happy


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