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International Background Checks

Over 1.800 organisations have chosen for PESCHECK

Over 1.000 organisations have chosen for PESCHECK

Streamlining hybrid workforces is getting harder

Onboarding international candidates digitally is complex and where do you start? For this you need global background checks designed under strict data privacy to be covered from start to finish. Verify easily candidates around the world and streamline your hiring process.

Compliance expects background checks

Background checks must be performed because the compliance department expects this. This is an expectation that arises because stakeholders and clients require it. Identify red flags, comply with regulations and protect your organisation’s reputation.

HR Processes are not automated

Time is really money. Your HR department spends far too much time manually checking (international) candidate information. Automate en optimize your HR process and decrease your time-to-hire substantially with automated global background checks.

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Verifying candidates around the globe the old way is a ton of work

While your security department comes with the question of whether personnel can be screened and compliant with laws and regulations. HR is struggling to onboard new staff, they don’t know where to start and this causes manual background checks that take too much time.

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Types of background checks

There are many different types of pre-employment checks that organisations can choose to conduct.le ID and CV check may be sufficient. However, further research on the applicant is needed for functions that entail integrity, reliability, and impeccable behaviour. PESCHECK helps you identify which types of checks to run for certain functions, and offers checks tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

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A better way to do global background checks

A global or international background check is an important tool for organisations that need to verify the qualifications and experience of employees or contractors who will be working in multiple countries. PESCHECK is an international background provider and we’re specialized in streamlining hybrid workforces by conducting background checks.


International background checks can reveal any discrepancies in an individual’s education or employment history. Your organisation ensures your candidate’s education, employment, skills, and other information doesn’t contain any falsehoods.

Criminal History

This type of check can help to ensure that an individual does not have a criminal history in any of the countries where they will be working.

Verify identity

Global background checks can also be used to verify an individual’s identity and confirm their current contact information. While this type of check may take some time to complete, it can ultimately help to create a safe and productive workplace environment.

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Modern technology for fast and precise checks

Start screening in 60 seconds whenever it suits you, 24/7.
We performed +300.000 screenings using modern technology and in-house professionals.
Average time of <4 hours to finish submitted background checks


  • What are global background checks?

    An international background check, also known as an global background check is the process where PESCHECK searches criminal, civil, and financial records in multiple countries in order to get a comprehensive view of an individual’s history.

    International background checks are often used by organisations who are considering hiring someone from another country or continent. An international background check may also include a search of social media platforms and other online data. This type of check is called the adverse media check.

  • What does an international background check show?

    The scope of an international background check will vary depending on the purpose for which it is being conducted, but it could include of the following checks:

    • ID Check
    • Adverse Media Check
    • Peps and Sanction Check
    • Credit Check
    • Integrity Check
    • Reference Check
    • Qualification Check
    • Criminal Record Check
    • Bankruptcy & Insolvency Register Check
    • Watchlist Check
    • Dutch Criminal Record
  • How long does an international background check take?

    Conducting a global background check can be a complex and time-consuming process. There are a few factors to consider, including the country of residence and the type of available records.

    Because PESCHECK has access to +1000 databases around the world, we can often perform international background checks from minutes up to a few working days. For example, an ID check is immediate completed, while a more comprehensive background screening such as a reference check could take a few business days.

  • For which type of organisations are background checks useful?

    International background checks are especially useful for organisations that have employees or candidates in other countries, as they can help to ensure that everyone involved is who they say they are. By conducting global background checks, you can help to protect your business or organisation from potential fraud and identity theft. This is an essential step in today’s globalized world, where organisations need to be able to verify the identities of people from all over the world digitally.

  • Are international background checks more expensive than domestic ones?

    It depends on the scope of the check and the countries involved. Generally, international background checks tend to be more expensive due to the additional resources and time required to gather information from multiple countries and sources.

  • How do you conduct a global background check?

    A global background check involves searching for information across various countries and regions, including criminal records, employment history, education verification, and other relevant data sources. This is typically done using a combination of online databases and local contacts and partners who have access to local records.

Governance & Security

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