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With PESCHECK® you can easily apply for background checks for yourself as an individual or self-employed. We offer a wide range of background check services for individuals with an easy-to-use online background check software.

Safe and Online Screening

Your data verification takes place in a secure online environment. Once you have submitted your information online, we will complete your screening within a week.

How does it work?

After you have requested your account, you will receive the activation email for your user account immediately. Your user account is your own secure online environment where you can request a screening and share the results with your (future) employers/clients. Are you expecting a screening from your (new) employer, client, or broker? Then you will automatically receive an invitation from us by email and SMS. So, you don’t have to make a request yourself, but will be automatically informed by us when action is required and what needs to be done.

Choose the right screening profile

Welcome to our individual screening request page. Please choose the package that best suits your needs. Our packages range from basic background verification to a comprehensive personal check, offering you the peace of mind that you deserve.

  • Record
    Basic Criminal Background Check
    One time
    • International Criminal Record / VOG
    • ITG
    • Audit Trail Report (GDPR/ISO27001/POB1551)
  • Light
    Brief Personal Screening
    One time
    • International Criminal Record / VOG
    • ID
    • ITG
    • Global Watchlist - Sanctions & PEP
    • Audit Trail Report (GDPR/ISO27001/POB1551)
  • Basic
    Essential Background Verification
    One time
    • International Criminal Record / VOG
    • ID
    • ITG
    • Online Search (Adverse Media)
    • Qualifcations / Diploma
    • Work-/reference
    • Global Watchlist - Sanctions & PEP
    • Audit Trail Report (GDPR/ISO27001/POB1551)
  • Plus
    In-Depth Personal Screening
    One time
    • International Criminal Record / VOG
    • ID
    • ITG
    • Online Search (Adverse Media)
    • Qualifcations / Diploma
    • Work-/reference
    • Global Watchlist - Sanctions & PEP
    • Audit Trail Report (GDPR/ISO27001/POB1551)
    • Dutch credit check
    • Dutch address check

Over 1.000 organisations have chosen for PESCHECK

Built-in background check tools

It includes a variety of built-in screening tools to background check yourself such as automated ID verification, integrity statement, criminal record, sanction & PEP and many others. Request your screening immediately to quickly kick off the screening process.

Fix and avoid mistakes

If you need to challenge a record, hiring can be placed on hold. You can correct errors before your interview using our built-in tools.

Background check specialist

Our screeners are specialized in performing background checks and know how to quickly provide you with fast, accurate and reliable results. We always work in accordance with international privacy legislation (GDPR) are BSI – ISO27001 certified and holding a screening license from the Ministry of Justice #1551 (list called: vergunninghouders named: PES-Check).

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Personal background check yourself in minutes

PESCHECK created an all-in-one background check yourself software to make it easy for you to run a background check on yourself. It’s designed to get you fast up and running with automated, accurate and reliable background checks. Submit your personal background check and know where you stand.

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Choose your personal background check

In addition to traditional background checks, we can also provide criminal background checks, employment, and qualification verification, ID checks, integrity statements, sanctions & PEP lists, credit reports, and more. Once your personal background check is completed, we will provide you with a report that includes all of the information that was gathered during the personal background check process.

The request to background check yourself and the report are delivered digitally. To background check yourself, simply put in a request by clicking the button below!

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Modern technology for fast and precise checks

Start screening in 60 seconds whenever it suits you, 24/7.
Average time of <4 hours to finish submitted background checks.
+20.000 in-house data sources on a global scale. We do not stop until we get answers.

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Get yourself screened and be able to show the results during a job interview!

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  • Can you do a background check on yourself

    Many people wonder if it is possible to do a background check on themselves. The short answer is yes, you can background check yourself with PESCHECK. We always provide an accurate and up-to-date background check report.

    Our background checks include a wide range of information, such as criminal records, employment history, education and professional references. Simply send us the request, enter your personal information, do the payment and we will start executing the screening for you.

  • How to do a criminal background check on yourself?

    With PESCHECK, you can easily and quickly run a background check on yourself without having to contact law enforcement or government agencies. Simply send us the request, enter your personal information, and pay the fee. This is a great way to get peace of mind or to make sure that prospective employers are seeing accurate information about your criminal background.

  • Can you social media background check yourself?

    With the amount of information that is readily available online, it’s easy for someone (your new employer for example) to make a few simple clicks and find out a lot about you. That’s why PESCHECK offers a social media background check service, also known as a adverse media check.

    During the adverse media check we search for all bad and negative information about you that is found in various sources such as newspapers, magazines, TV, social media, blogs, web articles, etc. It is a broad media and press survey where you get screened for negative portrayal on global media sources.

  • What does a background on yourself show?

    The scope of individual screenings will vary depending on what you want us to screen. But it could include of the following checks:

    • ID Check
    • Adverse Media Check
    • Peps and Sanction Check
    • Credit Check
    • Integrity Check
    • Reference Check
    • Qualification Check
    • Criminal Record Check
    • Bankruptcy & Insolvency Register Check
    • Watchlist Check
    • Dutch Criminal Record

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