A Passion for Precision

Committed to excellence through a keen understanding of numbers and data.

Simon Kourie – “I’m a man of numbers”

8 May 2020

“Deciphering the finances is a piece of cake for me. By constantly working with figures, I always have insight into the past and the present. This also allows me to make an estimate of what the future will bring, super interesting! I started at PESCHECK as an intern, before finishing my education. After that, I stuck around. Working at PESCHECK has already given me many opportunities. During the investment, I was able to do my bit and I showed what I can do. I am very proud of this.”

“This year I started the Accountancy course, really something for me. Because of this I unfortunately have less time to work, but I can immediately apply my knowledge in practice. At PESCHECK I get all the room for that. In the future I will probably continue to work in finance, but where? I don’t know yet. I let myself be surprised by what the future will bring me. In any case, for the time being, I’m still sweet at PESCHECK.”

Simon (Netherlands)

Study: BSc Accountancy
Hobbies: Cooking, Fitness, Gaming
Favorite vacation spot: Yerevan, Armenia
Favorite food: Beef Wellington
Biggest life-changing experience: Working at PESCHECK
Biggest life lesson: Think big and you will achieve big!


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