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Overview of Industries

Technology Industry

PESCHECK’s screenings focus on data protection and rapid processing in tech, enhancing user experience and data security.

Gig Economy & Market

Automate background checks tailored for the gig economy, enhancing recruitment efficiency and platform reliability.

Government Background Checks

Standardize and automate background checks in (semi-)government sectors for greater process efficiency and unity.

Recruitment and Selection

Utilize PESCHECK’s efficient background checks to expedite placements and streamline the recruitment experience.

Financial Services

Conduct targeted pre-employment screenings to mitigate risks and verify candidate suitability in finance.

Healthcare Screening

Specialized pre-health examinations to identify risks and verify healthcare candidate compliance.

Transportation and Logistics

Streamline and automate background checks in logistics, ensuring compliance and a smooth candidate experience.

Aerospace Industry

Integrate background checks in aerospace, enhancing system coherence with automated, unified solutions.

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“With our previous provider, we often felt less important with these kinds of issues. At Pescheck, we always feel like we’re the top priority.”

Dagmar, Talent Excelence


Governance & Security

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