Thijs Fiselier – “Trust is good, control is better”

23 March 2021

“I was already following PESCHECK and Serhat on LinkedIn. Serhat, the CEO of PESCHECK and I were colleagues back in 2008. After that, I had a few different jobs, all of which were interesting, and everywhere I learned something new. The experience that I gained, and carry with me today, I share and can be very useful towards our clients and my colleagues.”

“During my professional career, I almost worked for 10 years on my own as an entrepreneur. In 2011 my former business partner and I started a recruitment agency specialized in the healthcare segment. Here I worked until December 2019. This period gave me a lot of challenges and a lot of fun moments. This is definitely a very special experience in my life. From the beginning of 2020, I worked for my own company Byrja, until PESCHECK and I crossed paths. End of 2020 I decided to quit with Byrja and focus fully on my career with PESCHECK.”

“When this vacancy appeared, I decided to apply. It is that simple 😉”

“I’ve been invited to be the Client Onboarding Specialist of PESCHECK. Working at PESCHECK is great, we have an informal, open-minded atmosphere. It’s the typical scale-up with plenty of room for the input of my ideas, I have the freedom to use my experience and help PESCHECK to grow. It’s the place where you can make mistakes, as long as you learn from them.”

“Right now, I’m working on setting up a CRM system, aligning it with the existing procedures to give our clients better support, for now, and in the future. I’m also getting to know the products as quickly as possible. Luckily “Wiki”-Senior Screener, Heinoud Kokkeler, is around for questions that I may have. And of course, exploring and monitoring future opportunities for our clients, together with my colleagues from Business Development and Marketing. This is a continuous process and gives food to the brain. A lot of work still has to be done but I’m also moving forward quickly.”]

“When I’m at the office, my day at PESCHECK starts with a cup of coffee and morning chats with colleagues. Then I plan activities for the day, run the appointments with new and current clients, prepare the documents to close the deals and follow up with existing clients. I constantly talk to different people throughout the day, learn about their struggles and propose the best possible solution.”

“I hope to learn a lot while being at PESCHECK, specialize and grow together with the company and where it ends … We will see.”

Thijs (the Netherlands)

Hobbies: Football, history
Favourite vacation spot: Alps
Favorite food: Döner, Kebab
My biggest life-changing experience: The birth of my kids
Biggest life lesson: Life isn’t fair, get used to it


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