Why employee screening will become even more important in 2022

14 March 2022

As an HR professional, you have probably noticed it in practice: the call for hiring good and reliable staff is growing. Not only to reduce staff turnover but also to meet quality marks such as ISO certifications or the expectations of clients or investors. In 2022, selecting the right people will become even more important. Why that is, you can read in this article.

Trend: pandemic has changed the workforce supply and recruitment process

Over the past two years, the pandemic has changed the workforce, workforce and recruitment process. Despite the pandemic, 75% of organizations still manage to grow. On the one hand, this creates more demand for staff, while on the other, hiring staff has become more challenging due to the changing working environment. Where do you find new employees and how do you “onboard” them if they work from home or hybrid? Or, especially now with further globalization in 2022: How do you deal with international staff at the digital table? These are all questions that HR experts have to deal with and get.

People make your organization

Performing background checks can minimize the risks associated with a specific position. In practice, we see a growing need among HR professionals to be able to answer the question, “Is everyone as virtuous as they claim to be? People make your organization. So you’d better make sure you select them properly. Looking for even more reasons to take pre-employment background checks seriously in 2022? Why is background screening so important?

Why is background screening so important in 2022?

We predict a growing demand for professional screening in 2022. There are several factors that drive this:

    • Organizations want to improve the quality of their workforce.
    • A Certificate of Good Conduct or a Criminal record is often no longer sufficient.
    • The need for a check on manipulation-sensitive matters such as diplomas, education, etc.
    • Clients of organizations require checked personnel.
    • Quality marks and certifications require more extensive background checks.
    • Reputational damage as a result of “corrupt” employees is something that every company wants to avoid.
    • Working remotely: who do you bring on board if you don’t meet in person?
    • Internationalization creates the need to screen ex-pats.

Seeking certainty

Organizations want the certainty that employees do not have a criminal background or wrong intentions. Just as they want certainty about a courier’s driving license and the education and work experience of the new CEO. Every company wants to avoid risks associated with a “bad hire. In another article, we list all the risks of a bad hire, including how to avoid them.

America is a trendsetter when it comes to pre-employment background checks. It is logical that, given the number of American companies establishing themselves in the Netherlands, more and more is asked of Dutch employees. The sectors in which we see this increase are also becoming more diverse. Healthcare, technology, government, financial, logistics: virtually every industry is looking for certainty.


Technological possibilities

Modern technology makes it possible to make time-consuming screening work easier for HR professionals. Online tools and specialized parties are on the rise. With developed links with data sources, such as sanction lists and the interpretation of this data, they ensure that background screening becomes more accessible. Remote, i.e. online, background checks are the new standard. This not only speeds up the process but is also more accurate for both potential candidates and existing employees. A professional background check and correct interpretation not only ensure the hiring of the right candidate but also predict the employee’s future behavior within the organization.

The right approach

This information is part of our practical guide to an effective screening policy. Do you want to hire candidates with integrity or screen existing staff for abuses and falsehoods? Read the entire guide, and you will know exactly how you should approach this as an HR professional. Don’t feel like reading this document in its entirety, or do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us, and we will help you take the right steps.

A practical guide to an effective screening policy. In this guide, you will find everything about drawing up and setting up an effective screening policy for candidates and employees. Including practical tips, trends and a useful checklist.


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